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The Dirtiest Washrooms in West Yorkshire?

If you’re a regular reader of BBC News online, you may have seen the news posted on 30 September concerning the 650 construction workers faced with using a washroom that was filthy, lacking in hot water and, the ultimate ignominy – they each had to bring their own toilet tissue. Such was the deplorable state of the washroom, 100 workers staged a walkout resulting in the company agreeing to employ full-time cleaners and provide more toilets.

“It astonishes me that in this day and age, employers can turn a blind eye to appalling washroom conditions,” said Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Washroom Services. “Washrooms should be serviced and cleaned on a regular basis. There is absolutely no excuse for basic supplies such as toilet tissue, hand towels and liquid soap running out and even the most frequently used urinals can smell fresh all day long thanks to advances in technology such as the retrofit no water urinals and the pioneering Air Steril technology.  What came out loud and clear from this news was that a clean, frequently serviced and well-stocked washroom is of vital importance to workers – so much so that these men were prepared to put their jobs on the line and strike for it.”

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