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Significant Savings Really Add up with Pioneering No-Water Urinal System

Unpleasant odours from washroom urinals are commonplace and for any brand, wanting to promote a wholesome image from the inside out it’s a real problem. Add to this the amount of water that’s used every day to ‘flush the problem away’ and it is little wonder that the retrofit no-water urinal system offered by Dyno-Washroom Services has been such a huge success.

“The beauty of this pioneering system is that it’s simple to install with no cutting into the existing pipework. It saves £300-£400 per urinal per year and the one-way valve prevents odours escaping,” said James Baker, Senior Surveyor. “What’s more, the fragrance enhanced enzyme block breaks down uric acid crystals to keep even the most frequently used urinal smelling fresh.”

“The system is environmentally friendly – saving gallons of water every day and no special installation is required. “I would encourage any organisation to have a zero tolerance to  washroom odours and contact us to discuss the many cost saving and environmental benefits of using this incredible system,” said James.