Bad Smells and foul odours

If your environment is being affected by an unpleasant odour, and you’re unable to track what it is and where it’s coming from you can seek professional help in identifying and eliminating it.

Left untreated, an odour can last for months and if it’s the result of a dead pest you also have the additional problem of secondary infestations from flies and unpleasant bacteria.

Tracking the source of an odour is complex and challenging unless you have the right equipment and many years of professional experience and expertise.

  • Odours can emanate from hard to reach areas including the roof void, drains, and wall cavities.
  • Because the odour molecules are carried through the air and attach to moisture, the smell can be particularly unpleasant on damp or rainy days. This will explain why on some days you may be affected by a very strong odour whereas on other days the smell appears to be fading.
  • Odours can come from dead pests including squirrels, rats, mice, pigeons, foxes and cockroaches and from the faeces of these pests.
  • Odours can be on the surface – for example urine from pests on or below the surface. They can permeate any porous surface including hardwood floors and plasterboard walls.
  • Attempting to solve the problem with over-the-counter solutions will only mask the problem. This is the last thing you want if you employ staff or serve members of the public. You want it sorted permanently and fast.

Qualified and accredited Dyno-Pest technicians have many years experience in successfully tracking and eliminating  the foulest and hardest to reach odours.

  • Using a range of equipment and forensic searches we will identify the source of the odour.
  • Using natural, safe and environmentally friendly neutralisers, we will sanitise all affected areas and eliminate the odour, killing all bacteria. The air sterilising machines we use are powerful and safe which is especially important when you have the welfare of staff and customers to consider or you work in an environment in which food is prepared served or stored.

Don’t let a bad odour damage your reputation and your brand. Contact Dyno-Pest today. At no charge we will perform an initial survey of your premises and advise you on the recommended methods and treatments to completely eliminate it