Pest control proofing for London Homeowners

Pests have an uncanny habit of finding their way into your home through all manner of entry points including:

  • the gaps around your pipes caused by loose or missing mortar or deteriorating sealant
  • the air bricks dotted around your home
  • the gaps underneath the eaves
  • the gaps around your window and door frames

If you don’t want the problem you have had with pests to recur, it’s important that you choose a pest control specialist that not only gets rid of your pest problem but that also proofs your home. In our experience,  many of the pest entry points to your home are not visible to the  untrained eye and are located in areas you should not attempt to tackle yourself including the roof voids, around the guttering and the chimney pots.

When you contact a qualified, accredited and experienced Dyno-Pest technician, you get real peace of mind from knowing that we will undertake a thorough inspection of your property; we will tell you what the problem is and will recommend a treatment programme that includes the option of proofing your home.

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