London Offices Experiencing Floor- to- Floor Pest Infestations

In recent months the Dyno-Pest extermination team have been called to several multi- tenant office buildings in Central London to tackle pest infestations ranging from mice to rats, cockroaches and bedbugs.

Darren Williams, Service Manager, points to a growing problem for these London offices. “In three of the most recent cases, the infestation had spread from the one business located on the one floor to several floors above and below – affecting several businesses. It’s easy to see why. A mouse for example can squeeze through a gap the size of a pencil. Cockroaches notoriously breed in dark warm areas of which there are many in a building. Pests have few if any physical boundaries they will not overcome in a building. We may see floors and divisions, they simply see space to harbour, feed and breed.”

“Of course to the unsuspecting people in the building, the first awareness something is wrong could actually be a sign of a deep rooted infestation that has spread to their floor. And that’s why it is so important for health and safety reasons and as a duty of care, to have in place a robust pest prevention and pest riddance programme.”

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