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Eradicating pigeons & pest birds for London homeowners

Pigeons and seagulls in an urban environment cause extensive damage to buildings, cars and other property not to mention the health risk both from the spread of disease and the risk of injury due to accidents caused by a build up of droppings, which are particularly slippery when wet.

In addition to being unsightly, the droppings are extremely acidic in nature. Bird faeces can stain and erode stone and concrete not only destroying the appearance of the property, but ultimately causing the materials to disintegrate. In extreme cases, the structure can be damaged, for example when left to accumulate in a loft, the weight of the faeces can cause ceilings to collapse.

Other problems include the damage the birds cause by pecking roofs & windows, blocking gutters and chimneys with their nests and the noise they make especially when young are present. Seagulls in particular can be especially aggressive when nesting and will attack anyone they believe is too close to their young.

Blocked drainage systems can lead to water damage to the property and the nests themselves can be a home to insects causing further pest problems.

The health risks associated with pigeons and seagulls include the spread of diseases such as histoplasmosis, salmonella, meningitis, cryptococcosis, ornithosis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis (bird fancier’s lung).They carry parasites such as lice, ticks, fleas, mites and many more, which in turn can spread disease from the pigeons or seagulls to humans. When the guano is left to dry and ultimately break apart, it becomes airborne meaning it can be breathed in. From this, fungal infections can bloom in the hospitable warm and moist environment of the lungs causing respiratory illnesses.

Dyno-Pest specialises in bird pests

Dyno-Pest specialises in bird pests and will deal with removal of the birds and any accumulated droppings.

Our professional fully-trained technicians will also advise on and provide methods of proofing to prevent the bird’s return.  From netting, wires and bird spikes to hawking and electronic deterrents, Dyno-Pest has the appropriate solution for your property to deny the birds access for landing and roosting.

In addition, our fully-trained technicians can exterminate any parasites that may remain in order to eliminate the risk of their spread into the home once their bird hosts have gone.