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The London specialists in other Insect infestations for domestic homes

Eradicating other Insects for London homeowners

In addition to the insect pests commonly found in the home such as flies, fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches, there are a number of other pest that are regularly found in the UK.

So called “stored product insect pests” are a group of insects, usually beetles or moths, that generally live on dry pantry products such as flour and grains, cereals, seeds, dried plant products and even milk powder, dried soups and other food items. These include the biscuit beetles, flour beetles, grain beetles, rice weevils and grain weevils, spider beetles, Indian meal moths, mill moths and warehouse moths. The larder beetle will feed on a variety of animal products including ham and cheese. This list is by no means complete, but gives an idea of just how many varieties of stored product pests there are.

Using an insecticide that is safe

A fully-trained Dyno-Pest technician will be able to identify the pest infesting your home and deal with the problem using an insecticide that is safe to use around food products and your family. They will also advise you how soon you can use the cupboards after a treatment. Obviously when dealing with food products, health and safety are of prime concern.

There are other insect pests that occasionally invade our homes and the professional technicians at Dyno-Pest are well-prepared to deal with many other varieties not mentioned here.