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The London specialists in clothes’ moth infestations for domestic homes

Decades of experience treating clothes’ moth infestations in homes safely and effectively.  With Dyno-Pest you get real value for money and 100% peace of mind. We get it right first time.

You can contact Dyno-Pest today to book an urgent clothes’ moths inspection – at no charge. Email us or call us. 

We’re looked upon as the leading pest control company in London for our clothes’ moth extermination expertise.

Here’s why.

  1. Your Dyno-Pest technician also carries out large clothes’ moth riddance programmes for Local and National museums, exhibitions and cloth manufacturing companies in the London area. They bring this exceptional l expertise to your problem.
  2. Your clothes and soft furnishings are valuable so preserving them intact during and after treatment is our priority.  After we’ve surveyed the moth infested areas of your home we recommend an environmentally responsible  extermination treatment plan which can begin the same day.
  3. We use the latest treatments and technology including thermal and heat treatments, pheromone lures and other non-chemical solutions as well as safe and effective insecticide applications.
  4. As members of The British Pest Control Association for 20+ years we take our responsibilities to you and your possessions seriously.

The damage clothes moths cause. Do you recognise any of these ‘symptoms’?

  • Holes in a favourite jumper. This is in fact the larvae, rather than the moths, that feed on clothes leaving small holes in their wake.
  • Silvery-looking silken webs across the surface of cloth based furniture and soft furnishings. This is what forms the larvae case and because of this, clothes moths are also known as webbing moths.
  • The larvae will feed on any material containing the animal protein Keratin; hence they prefer expensive wool, silk, cashmere, feathers or fur rather than cheaper man-made fabrics. They will also eat cotton and other natural fibres, but will only go for synthetics if heavily stained with perspiration or food.

What does a clothes moth look like?

  • They’re tiny. 5mm – 7mm in length, brownish in colour with a golden or silver sheen.  The eggs are whitish and the larvae are opaque white with brown heads.
  • They rarely fly into lights, preferring complete darkness such as a closet or storage chest. The females move by running or hopping. If you see one flying it’s probably a male.
  • The larvae take around 6 weeks to develop. During this time they feed on fabric.

Something important to be aware of…

Dyno-Pest clothes moth experts will locate the source of your infestation and use a number of treatments to prevent a recurrence. If the source is not located and the eggs and larvae not dealt with, the visible moths may be removed, but the infestation will remain. Trust the expert clothes’ moth exterminators.

Contact Dyno-Pest today to book an urgent clothes’ moths’ inspection – at no charge. Email us or call us.