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About Us

If you are looking for an experienced, accredited and qualified pest prevention and pest control specialist, you can do no better than trust Dyno-Pest. As long-standing Members of the British Pest Control Association, we abide by its ethics and codes. Reassuringly we have the experience and the knowledge to identify and successfully treat your pest problem followed by undertaking any proofing measures to prevent it happening again.

Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced and effective team to tackle your pest problem.

How do we communicate with you? We will visit your home to inspect the problem and identify the treatments needed. You will then receive a written quotation in which we outline the recommended treatment programme, what it will cost and when we will begin treatment.

We have many years experience in treating a wide variety of pests including bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, ants, wasps, ladybirds, squirrels, foxes and flies. We know from experience that many pests are now becoming resilient to some of the more traditional sprays and insecticides still used by other companies with diminishing effect.

Dyno-Pest technicians use the latest, most effective and most environmentally friendly treatments including for example heat treatment for bedbugs (especially ideal for people with respiratory problems). We know just how distressing an outbreak of pests is for you, so you will find us helpful, ready to listen and keen to recommend tips that will help prevent the problem recurring in the long term once we have finished treatment.

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