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Effective pest control-strip curtain doors for London Businesses

Effective London pest control using strip curtain doors

Strip curtain doors are ideal for protecting your business from pest birds and flying insects. Dyno-Pest technicians have many years experience in supplying and fitting made-to-measure strip curtain doors. Whilst strip curtain doors keep pests out, because they are made from a clear robust and soft PVC material, they are easily accessed by your customers and employees. What is more the overlap between each flap make it virtually impossible for a pest bird or an insect to gain entry.

If you are interested in finding out more about strip curtain doors contact Dyno-Pest and we will arrange for one of our qualified and accredited surveyors to visit your premises .

Advantage of strip curtain doors

An added advantage of strip curtain doors is that they help in the bid to create a healthy working environment because they act as an effective barrier to the dust and pollution outside. They are ideal in warehouses where the goods need to be protected from dust, pests and adverse weather conditions and in commercial, retail and industrial areas where food is prepared, stored or served. They provide a much-needed barrier between the pests and toxins in the outside world and the commercial kitchen.