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Electronic fly killers

If you retail, produce or resell food then by law you must demonstrate effective preventative measures from flying insects.

By far the most effective method of fly control is a quality electronic fly killer.

When did you last have your existing fly killers reviewed?

They may be inefficient or, no longer complying with current legislation. For example:

  • Amendment 6 of the BRC standard states that zappers cannot be placed anywhere near food or food preparation areas. This is because zappers can blow fly fragments up to 15ft from the unit, contaminating surfaces, packaging and food and also creating airborne pathogens. Glue boards do not have this issue.
  •  The HACCP states that all fly killers must be fully compliant with grid lined glue boards. The fly control units supplied by Dyno-Pest use glue board technology which retains the insect whole so there is no risk of contamination. However the catch is hidden from view by a discreet louver panel. Your customers don’t want to see dead flies!
  • Your existing units may comply with current legislation but  if they have not been replaced or serviced in recent years you should at the very least consider the benefits of changing to the latest energy discreet, low profile efficient units which can save over 50% in running costs compared to older units.
  • The latest fly killer units supplied by Dyno-Pest have a vastly increased insect catch rate. They improve your customer environment, reduce the risk of food contamination and are environmentally responsible, with a carbon reduction of 50%.

If you need help in establishing an effective, legally compliant flying insect control policy, please contact Dyno-Pest for a complimentary survey.

Buy your electronic fly control units direct from Dyno-Pest

Dyno-Pest supply the following fly control units. Contact us to order or discuss your requirements.


  • Suitable for areas up to 220 square meters.
  • 45 watt unit
  • World’s highest performing Fly Killer through Translucent Technology, offering fastest catch and widest species attraction.
  • Massively reduced energy consumption. Costs 67% less to run than the major competitor unit (£98.00 less per year)
  • Long product guarantee 10 years
  • Out of sight catch area
  • BRC & HACCP Compliant
  • Available as IP45 Jet Proof
  • Also available with plain Grey Cover



  • Suitable for areas up to 240 square meters.
  • 60 watt unit
  • Robust, long-lasting design for industrial and commercial proposes
  • Integrated energy reducing efficient ballast – cuts energy bills and carbon usage.
  • Long product guarantee 10 years
  • Available as Killgrid or Glueboard options
  • Available as IP45 jet proof
  • Also available in White finish.


Eclipse Unit

  • Suitable for areas up to 120 sqm
  • 30 watt unit
  • Long product guarantee – 5 years
  • Most discreet fly killer on the market, ideal for front of house locations
  • Fast, and easy servicing
  • Forward reflecting UVA technology to maximise  UVA footprint and attraction levels
  • Can also be branded


Spectra One & Spectra Two

  • Suitable for 120/240 square meters
  • 36 or 72 watt models
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Super modern stylish design, ideal for modern interiors or open kitchens
  • Fast and easy tool free servicing
  • Energy reducing technology – cuts energy bills.
  • Glue Board technology



  • Suitable for up to 100 square meters
  • 26 watt unit
  • Discreet appearance – ideal for front of house locations
  • Finished in a primed white – which can be painted to fit in with any decor.
  • Glue board technology for silent operation.