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Pest control for Flies in London

Fruit Flies

Effective London pest control for Fruit Flies

For any business but especially restaurants, hotels, bars, offices and factories flies, fruit flies and many other species can be an absolute nightmare. The over-the-counter DIY treatments are frequently  unsuitable for commercial buildings and any immediate short-term gain derived from using them is swiftly replaced by the problem magnifying significantly. Left untreated, flies and especially the cluster fly will multiply in their millions.

Cluster flies

Cluster Flies are near impossible for you to control once they have gained access to your building. They will hibernate in the voids in your walls and ceilings and other places you can’t reach or see. Left untreated, an outbreak of flies can lead to your business being closed and the ensuing damage to your brand immense.

Preventative measures

Not only is a high level of expertise crucial in finding the source of the fly problem which can be baffling to the untrained eye, but a number of preventative measures including the professional installation of fly screens, strip curtain doors and electronic fly killers may be necessary as part of an ongoing preventative regime.

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