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Effective London pest control for Cockroaches

Hotels, restaurants and food production units are particularly at risk from infestation by cockroaches; a disease carrying pest that thrives in environments where food, warmth and dark areas are in plentiful supply.  They also infest apartment blocks, hospitals and prisons.  Cockroaches are a pest to overlook at great cost.  A cockroach can live for up to 2 years and produce up to 300 cockroaches. Left untreated or if DIY treatments are used, a minor problem becomes a major infestation.

Cockroaches spell danger for your organisation

  • They contaminate foodstuffs and spread diseases including salmonella, E. coli and typhoid
  • Your business can be closed by environmental health
  • Your reputation with customers and employees can be damaged beyond repair
  • The cost of infestation can be considerable – lost profits, business closure, fines, negative media coverage

Dyno-Pest Cockroach programme – effective treatment

When you’ve got a problem with cockroaches you need fast, effective and professionally delivered treatment.  Dyno-Pest technicians have many years experience treating cockroaches in buildings where prior to our treatment and management programmes, it was proving impossible to bring the infestation under control.

Identifying entry points and extent of infestation

Your Dyno-Pest technician will undertake a thorough inspection of your premises, identifying the entry points for these pests, the extent of the infestation.  Treatments could take place in the evening because cockroaches are nocturnal.  We’ll tell you how many treatments are needed to eradicate the infestation.

Why pest management is crucial

Once we’ve undertaken this thorough inspection, we’ll tell you how many treatments are needed to eradicate the infestation and the additional measures needed to effectively manage the problem.

A targeted eradication and management routine will be implemented.  Dyno-Pest technicians have an integrated approach to pest management.  They use a range of treatments and methods alongside regular and thorough inspections.

Your Dyno-Pest technician takes as long as is needed to thoroughly treat your premises.  He is not given time limits in which to complete treatments and will forensically inspect your premises at each visit to ascertain the impact of previous treatments on the infestation. 

‘Power of 3’ protection programme

Whilst it is impossible to guarantee that cockroaches will never infest your premises, Dyno-Pest’s ‘Power of 3’ protection programme can greatly reduce the risk as follows:

  1. Cockroach risk assessment. Dyno-Pest technicians will undertake a thorough assessment of your premises identifying risk hot spots that could lead to a cockroach infestation. By the time a customer or a member of your staff spots a cockroach, the infestation will already be putting your business at risk.   Don’t let it reach this stage.
  2. Dyno-Pest technicians will recommend a preventative treatment regime which could include insect detection and insect monitor units combined with scheduled inspection visits.
  3. Training for your teams.  Dyno-Pest technicians will train the appropriate members of your team in how to identify the earliest signs of activity from cockroaches.  It’s important to be vigilant in between inspections.

If your business is being affected by cockroaches or you want to take preventative action contact Dyno-Pest to arrange a cockroach risk evaluation inspection.

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The London specialists in Cockroaches infestation for domestic homes

Eradicating Cockroaches for London homeowners

There are two main varieties of cockroach found in the UK, the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach. The German cockroach is around 17mm in length and a light brown colour with two dark stripes on the shield behind its head. The Oriental cockroach is the larger of the two at approximately 25mm in length and is usually a dark reddish brown in colour. In addition to these varieties, the Brown Banded and American cockroaches are also found relatively frequently in London.

Being nocturnal, cockroaches avoid daylight and like to hide in cracks, under floorboards or behind cookers and cupboards, coming out at night to forage.

They can scuttle through extremely small gaps and move along water pipes, cable runs and air ducts. Their predilection for using sewers and drains as a thoroughfare and then inhabiting our homes means they transmit diseases with ease.  They can carry dysentery, salmonella, gastro-enteritis and typhoid.

Cockroaches are also associated with skin diseases and allergic reactions such as dermatitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma. In order to deter cockroaches, it is essential to maintain good hygiene, especially in food preparation areas. Cockroaches also like moist environments and need access to water. They can live for a month without food, but only a week without water, therefore all water spills should be cleared up and leaking pipes repaired immediately.

Combination of treatments

Cockroaches are one of the oldest creatures on earth and are remarkably tenacious and resilient so it’s not surprising that these are difficult creatures to eradicate without calling in the professionals. Insecticides available to the general public are not as effective as those used by Dyno-Pest’s professional technicians. These over-the-counter products may kill cockroaches in the immediate vicinity, but not eradicate them totally.

There is also the potential for misuse that can lead to additional problems for you and your family.

Dyno-Pest technicians use treatments that are only available to professionals and they are fully-trained to use them safely without risk of harm to those living in the environment. A professional Dyno-Pest technician will be able to advise you on proofing against re-infestation and other preventative measures.

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