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You can trust us! Bedbug control in London for hotels and care homes

Bed Bugs in a hotel or care home require fast results with 100% elimination. Dyno-Pest have decades of experience successfully treating bed bug infestations in environments where human safety and wellbeing is paramount. And rapid elimination crucial.

A guest in a hotel or care home bitten by bedbugs doesn’t bear thinking about. But it happens. With Dyno-Pest you can count on a professional, effective and discreet service delivered by a team with specialism in bedbugs.

Dyno-Pest provides free bedbug quotations, free site surveys and guaranteed results.

  • Book a free bedbug survey. At no charge, a senior Dyno-Pest expert will undertake a thorough assessment of the affected areas of your hotel or care home.
  • Your Dyno-Pest technician will recommend the best treatment combination. We use the latest heat treatments and pesticide free alternatives. When heat is not advisable, or not the best option, we offer highly effective and environmentally responsible chemical treatments.
  • Your Dyno-Pest expert knows how to protect your business. For example you might need water-soluble laundry bags to move infested bed linen safely or bed bug monitoring systems for future peace of mind. We have a full range of options to assist your business.
  • Treatment can start the same day or shortly thereafter. And your Dyno-Pest technician will treat the entire room; not just the bed.
    Rooms can be re-let to guests, or re-occupied by residents in as little as 8 hours after treatment. Some pest control businesses are unable to return rooms to you for several days, with us you are back in business the same day.

What else do you need to know about Dyno-Pest?

  • We’re trusted by some of the biggest brands in London. We keep hotels, offices, restaurants, tourist attractions and care homes pest free.
  • We regularly undertake highly successful large riddance programs of entire hotels and hostels.
  • Dyno-Pest technicians are used to working in hotels and care homes with young children, the elderly and the vulnerable. The safety of everyone is a priority during and after treatment.
  • We know how environmental legislation with regards to pest control applies to your duty of care.
  • We’ll help your housekeeping team. Ask about our bedbug early detection products.
  • We offer early starts, late appointments, weekend work. If you have a real emergency take advantage of our 24 hour service. Call any time on 0800 327 7302.

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Eradicating Bedbugs for London homeowners

Often associated with unhygienic conditions and poor cleaning standards,these days bed bugs can also be found in properties that are exceptionally clean.  Frequent travel common today, as well as a developing resistance to pesticides, means that the infestation of bed bugs can occur practically anywhere.

Bites may be the first thing you notice if you’re not familiar with the other signs of bed bugs. Chances are if you’ve got bites, the infestation may already be quite severe. Generally, the bite itself is painless, but in time can cause the skin to become irritated and inflamed, though not everybody reacts to the bites. The bites may also vary in appearance from person to person, especially if there is an allergic reaction.

Bed bugs do not carry diseases themselves, but when they bite for a blood meal, they inject saliva into the wound which can cause a reaction. If the bite is scratched because itchy, this can lead to a secondary infection.

A bed bug infestation can be identified by blood stains or rusty marks on bed linen and mattresses caused by crushed bugs or their excrement. There may also be egg shells or shed skins and you could smell a musty or sweet smell. You may also find the bug itself or a cluster of them. Bed bugs are around 5mm in length, flattish and a reddish-brown in colour (much larger and darker after they’ve fed). The eggs are white, oval and approximately 1mm long and covered in a sticky film so they can adhere to surfaces.

Mattresses and bed frames, other bedroom furniture, curtains, crevices in wallpaper and behind picture frames all need to be checked for signs of the bugs and thoroughly treated.

Dyno pest technicians use the very latest modern, fast and chemical free treatments with the highest rate for resolving infestations in a single treatment (98% compared to the industry average of 56%). Find out  more about heat treatment for bedbugs.

We will effectively treat your bedbug problem

Eradication of bed bugs requires an expert knowledge of these pests as they particularly like tiny cracks and crevices and the treatment needs to be meticulous. In order for it to be completely successful, certain measures must be carried out by the householder before the treatment is carried out.

A professional Dyno-Pest technician will not only be able to treat the problem effectively, but also will advise you on what actions you need to take.  It may seem like an awful lot of work and you may be tempted to cut corners, but without the preparation taking place, the treatment may not be successful and the bed bugs will continue to multiply and spread.

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