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Designed with aluminium and steel to not only look stylish but it also offers excellent corrosion resistance. 

Installed with a powerful glue board this fly killer is both effective and attractive in design to kill flies quickly and discreetly. 

Fitted with a removable front door for easy installation and cleaning, the Vanquish is effective in protecting surroundings up to 360 square metres. 


Fly Control Solutions

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Nano G4 LED Range

The Insect-a-clear stainless steel uses two high output LED lamps and a high voltage grid to exterminate flying insects.

 Insects are attracted to the high output UVA lamps and killed by the high voltage grid then quickly and hygienically disposed of in the large catchment tray. Ideal for indoor use in homes, hospitals, workplaces, restaurants, kitchens, food shops and commercial spaces. 

It comes standardly fit with a black glue board and shatter resistant lamps. Also available in white.

£169.00 White

Fly Shield

Fly Shield is ideal for front of house areas. 

Available in different designs together with the advantage of being streamlined, discreet and easily wall mounted, this fly killer gives effective fly control without noisy zapping sounds. 

It is the ideal alternative to conventional high voltage machines 

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Vulcan 2 Fly Killer

This fully electronic fly killer ensures minimal power consumption meaning maximum financial savings!


Vulcan 3 fly Killer

Stylish, fully electronic with stainless steel front guard, ideal for virtually any application.


Vulcan 6 LED Fly Killer

The new Vulcan 6 LED lamps consists of two high output LED lamps which consume half the power required! 



£201.00 Stainless Steel

Plug-in for Business

Discrete and modern in style, this fly catcher fits into any environment very well. 

It is installed with an internal glue board and ultra-violet lamp which attracts flying insects. 

Other bonuses include easy installation and can be used as a night light. 


Electronic Fly Killer Specialists  - Contact us today

0207 582 9241

Electronic Fly Killer Specialists  - Contact us today

0207 582 9241

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