Wise words for Warehouse Owners on Pest Control

According to Darren Williams Senior Technician at pest prevention and pest management specialist Dyno-Pest, warehouse owners are not proactive when it comes to pest prevention. “What we usually find when we’re called to a warehouse or storage unit because there has been an outbreak of pests is that it’s taken the business owner by complete surprise,” says Darren. “Yet close inspection of the problem reveals in minutes why it has occurred. By putting in place robust proofing measures, scheduling regular technician inspections and training the on-site team in early detection, we can ensure it’s unlikely to re-occur.”

Darren recommends warehouse owners adopt these measures:

  1. Ensure that the employee rest room areas are cleaned to the highest standards on a scheduled basis. A dirty kitchen will attract cockroaches, mice, rats and flying insects.
  2. Commit to scheduled technician inspections. Your accredited technician has been trained in how to identify the earliest signs of a pest infestation and, can nip it in the bud before it spreads to other areas.
  3. Ask your pest controller if they will help train your staff in how to identify the earliest signs of those pests most likely to infest your building.
  4. When checking goods coming into your building, be on the lookout for signs of an infestation. Gnawing on packaging, shredded material, piles of dust when goods are removed from pallets are signs pests are inside the goods or in the packaging.
  5. When goods are removed examine the space before filling it again. This may be the only opportunity for several months to check for signs of unwanted pests. Look for signs of droppings, unusual smells, smears on the walls, gnawing on woodwork. Thoroughly clean the space and remove leftover packaging.

“It’s crucial that the business owner or the manager of a warehouse recognises the importance of pest control and, is willing to work closely with their pest prevention partner.” concludes Darren.

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