The heat is on for facilities managers…

Dyno-Pest offer the latest in environmentally responsible chemical free heat treatments. These effective treatments not only eradicate bedbugs and many other crawling insects, they also significantly reduce office downtime and minimise disruption; good news on all fronts for facilities managers.

“These heat treatments are clean, safe and effective,” said Ralph Izod, Managing Director of  Dyno-Pest. “This makes them ideal for use in many environments including office buildings, food manufacturing, warehouses and visitor attractions. Because chemicals are not used, the treated area can be safely reoccupied in just  60 minutes – even when it’s used for the preparation, distribution and storage of food.”

The heat treatments Dyno-Pest technicians use eradicates all phases of insect development – eggs, larvae and adults.  Cockroaches, wood boring insects, and bedbugs can often be eradicated in one treatment.

“We use clean, dry, odourless chemical -free heat and raise the temperature to 140-150°F.  This is fatal to pest insects within 60 minutes. And the heat treatment we use can treat an entire building or just one small, hard to reach area,” said Ralph.

If you are a facilities manager or a property managing agent with a pest problem please contact Dyno-Pest.