Terrifying seagull attack on young boy

Proof if it were needed that seagulls can be vicious when confronted with a food source, was the news that a 7 year old boy was attacked by a seagull knocking the donut out of his hand before pecking him and flying off with the sugary treat. Four seagulls then dive bombed the boy who was understandably terrified and in need of hospital treatment.  The drama of the situation was caught by a local photographer with an image which showed the seagull in full flight, donut in its beak followed by the four gulls.

Ralph Izod, Managing Director of Dyno- Pest said, “Seagulls are aggressive birds and unlike many years ago, they no longer reside just by the seaside. London has become a real hotspot for them with people eating in open places especially vulnerable to the threat of an attack, just as this young boy was. This correlates to the growing number of calls we are receiving from restaurants and tourist attractions worried about seagulls and the negative impact they are having on their customers.”

Dispersing the birds and installing measures that make it difficult for them to return is the work of skilled, accredited and experienced pest control specialists. Please contact Dyno- Pest if you are experiencing problems with seagulls.