Streaked Bombardier Beetles halts Big Building!

It’s not every day that a humble insect of diminutive stature (albeit with the ability to fire a noxious hot liquid from its abdomen) can bring a construction site to an abrupt halt for a period of 6 months…But this is precisely what the colourful Streaked Bombardier Beetle did. A beetle so rare it’s thought to have been extinct for 75 years. But Telford Homes had to stop work on the Royal Wharf construction to ensure that full and extensive searches were conducted by its team before they could declare the site ‘Bombardier Beetle free’.

The reason why this search was imperative?

The Eastern Thameside areas – the location of the Royal Wharf construction site – has also in the past been home to these protected colourful critters. Cranes could not whirr into action until the many checks confirmed they were no longer living there!