Spike in demand from households for pest control

With pest controllers awarded key worker status, it has been business as usual for Dyno-Pest throughout the pandemic. However, in recent months with the government encouraging people to work at home wherever possible, there has been a significant rise in demand from households for pest control services – with pests reported ranging from mice and rats to bedbugs and cockroaches.

Explaining the reasons why, Ralph Izod, Dyno-Pest MD said:

“When people work from home, they naturally become much more aware of their surroundings and this is certainly the case with regards to identifying when all is not well. For example, our technicians have attended many homes in the Greater London area, reporting suspected mice infestations in the loft and rats around the areas used for recycling and bins.

We are also witnessing a rise in reported rat infestations around compost areas due to the huge increase in food waste. Understandably a person’s tolerance for an infestation of any pest is particularly stretched when they are working at home and only too aware of the problem. Our technicians are still working around the clock bringing relief and reassurance to households that we will identify the exact nature and location of their pest problem and implement a pest riddance programme swiftly.”