Spider Horror Shuts Schools

Disturbing news in the last week that False Widow Spiders, the UK’s most poisonous arachnid have infested four London schools, closing them down for up to four weeks has been received with understandable concern.

These spiders with their dark-coloured, globular bodies range from 9.5 to 14 mm in size.  They will bite if mishandled or provoked. Whilst the venom is not fatal, a person can suffer swelling, blistering, irritated skin, feverishness and in a worst case scenario can provoke a severe allergic reaction.

Said Ralph Izod, Managing Director of Dyno-Pest: “We have been handling False Widow infestations in many buildings for years now ranging from hospitals and care homes to schools and offices. They are an insidious pest, not least because most people have an aversion to spiders in the first place and if they do bite it’s not pleasant. With the four schools that were affected, closure was the only option for treatments to take place. It takes time and an expert eye to locate all the places of infestation and this has to be done prior to any treatment so that the full extent of the infestation is known and the ensuing treatment is targeted and effective. Treatment entails the use of commercial grade, approved chemicals which is why we recommend that in most cases a building is evacuated prior to treatment and it remains closed in the immediate hours afterwards.”

“There are thought to be 7 different species in the UK. They are called a False Widow Spider because they look similar to the Black Widow Spider which has a more serious bite. I would recommend any person concerned about a potential False Widow infestation to contact Dyno-Pest without delay because professionally delivered expert pest control is crucial if an infestation of this nature is to be stopped in its tracks and handled smoothly, effectively and with absolute discretion.”