Special Report: Why a pest control company might just be the best choice you can make for making your workplace safe and virus free

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Many companies offer fogging services, especially those offering deep cleaning services. However, pest control companies have been removing viruses such as Parvovirus, Norovirus, and bacterial risks from workplaces for many years due to their association with pest activity. This is not a new service for Dyno-Pest. And this experience really does matter when deciding which business to choose.

Please consider the following as part of your due diligence.

  1. Fogging/misting is not a new service for us. We have been disinfection fogging buildings in the Greater London area for 25 years, working with household brands providing pest control services for their multiple sites on a regular contract basis and with smaller businesses. We understand the importance of health and safety and of consistently delivering a ‘safe’ service.
  2. Fogging is highly effective at killing Covid-19 but it requires experience and expertise beyond a basic understanding of how to operate a machine. Dyno-Pest technicians handle dangerous and hazardous substances every day. They know how fogging treatments should be applied in all areas of a building from the reception area to the lifts, corridors, office space and washrooms to ensure complete coverage.
  3. There are many disinfectant products on the market with varying degrees of strength. The equipment used to mist the disinfectant varies in its effectiveness too. Our technicians use the highest specification of ULV misting equipment and the most powerful micro encapsulated disinfectant that has been scientifically tested to protect surfaces within a building for a guaranteed three days after fogging.  It also kills any airborne virus. Depending on how a building is used, this protection lasts for at least seven days up to a full month.
  4. Consistency of service delivery is something we have built our name on. It is ingrained in our DNA. Each client benefits from our service ethos regardless of their size and sector.
  5.  Dyno-Pest technicians are used to working alongside cleaning teams, caretaking people, and janitorial teams to ensure that treatments are applied rigorously and without delay and at no risk to these other essential services. We enhance the protection they provide. And because we understand the importance of keeping your business open, we offer treatments outside of standard working hours including at weekends.

Please contact us if you want to make your workplace a safe space for all.