Soaring temperatures send Rats into Restaurants

It made for a dramatic picture; a large brown rat scuttling along the floor of a rather nice London restaurant. With mobiles to hand diners filmed its escapades as it darted amongst the chairs and tables.

The proprietors were quick to point out that the rat had entered the restaurant via the front door and that they had pest control in place. The rat was a visitor, albeit an unwelcome one. But, the sighting of it is just one more example of  how close we are in London to a rat and, how much bolder in their endeavours rats have become.

“We have the weather to thank in part for the massive increase in the rat population,” said Ralph Izod Dyno-Pest MD. “The heady mix of intense heat waves and flash flooding has caused more rats to enter urban spaces and to breed prolifically. There’s no sign of this increase slowing.”

“For every organisation in the London area, an effective pest control contract is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Given it’s impossible to eliminate rats entirely from the London landscape it has to be the case that rats are effectively managed within an organisation to the lowest levels possible. We can accomplish this by using the latest Integrated Pest Management techniques and strategies coupled with regular technician inspections,” said Ralph.

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