Shocking Headlines Shame National Brands

Two long established high street brands; a supermarket and a health food chain most of us know and many of us shop at.

Couple these brands with the words ‘massive pest infestation’ and an altogether different image springs to mind.

In recent months this is precisely what happened to both of them. Pest infestations that were horrendous.

Take the supermarket – Acting on a tip off, environmental health officers visiting a store found mice droppings next to a freshly made cookie, a live mouse on a baking tray, a live mouse caught in a sticky trap in an electrical cabinet in the bakery and a dead mouse plus droppings in the warehouse. Despite closing to tackle the infestation, when inspectors returned they found find mice droppings on the bottom of a cooling rack below a tray of finger rolls.

Magistrates fined them £700,000. They were also instructed to pay £34,000 in costs.

What of the health food outlet? Following a tip off from a member of the public environmental health officers visited one of their stores in London where they found it infested with mice, the shelves covered in droppings and urine. Pictures taken by inspectors showed gnawed-through food packets. Packs of toasted soya still on sale were complete with huge tears after being successfully gnawed through.

The council closed the shop for just under two weeks until it had been decontaminated, concluding that customers faced “an immediate danger”. The brand was fined £500,000. The news featured extensively in the London Evening Standard. However, this was not the first time the brand had been fined. In 2012, it was fined after rats and mice were found to have infested one of its stores in Islington.

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