Second Spike?

How employers can protect their people and their profits to reduce the risk

How many times have we heard politicians referring to a second spike of Covid19?  After months of lockdown, furlough and shut down– the path so many businesses have had to follow– no sooner is hope on the horizon, the shadow of a second spike looms large.

As has been widely reported, an outbreak of Covid-19 in the workplace can close a business for weeks.   And it’s easy to see how an outbreak can occur. Deep cleaning does not kill the virus. So, lift doors, desks, partitions, kitchen worktops, cupboards, fridge doors, photocopiers, light switches loos and more-can become virus transmission hotspots. All it takes is for one employee to bring the virus into the workplace on their clothing or shoes and they can contaminate surfaces blissfully unaware. Within minutes fellow team members can be contaminated too.

For the last five months, Dyno-Pest technicians have been fogging businesses in the London area- coating every surface in a building with colourless, odourless micron particles of disinfectant deployed by ULV misters.  Many clients have invested a modest sum in an ongoing treatment programme, the frequency of treatments determined by the number of people in a workplace and how the building is used.

Says Ralph Izod, Dyno-Pest Managing Director, “Our technicians have been disinfection fogging buildings in London for 25 years. They understand how fogging treatments should be applied in all areas of a building – kitchen, reception, lifts, corridors, washrooms, workspace etc for complete coverage. They wear full PPE for their safety and yours. We use the highest specification of ULV bio-misting equipment and the most powerful micro encapsulated disinfectant – scientifically tested to protect all surfaces and kill 99.999% of all viruses including airborne for a minimum 7 days.”

If ever there was a time for a business to protect their people and their visitors, it’s now. In the coming months as winter takes hold the virus will become more prolific.

“For businesses used to having contracts for their IT, pest control and broadband, it will soon become the norm for professional misting to be added to the list,” says Ralph.