Rain and the rise of the Super rat…

It makes for chilling news for the unsuspecting home owner and business owner. Just a few weeks ago news broke in the media that over the coming months with rain forecast ‘Up to 200 million rats could gnaw their way into lofts, cupboards and garages’ . To make matters worse, the rats are described as ‘a new breed of genetically-altered super rats, which are immune to available poisons’.

Ralph Izod, Managing Director Dyno-Pest has studied rats and their behaviour at close quarters since he founded Dyno-Pest 15 years ago. Commenting on this news he is keen to warn homeowners not to attempt a diy approach if they spot rats in their home or garden warning: “It is dangerous for the homeowner, their children and pets, not to mention the local wildlife to attempt to eradicate any rat infestation no matter how small. Many over the counter poisons are ineffective and even if one does work knowing where to place it is crucial to balancing the need to eliminate the rats with the overriding need for safety. A professionally trained BPCA accredited pest control technician knows how to address the problem safely and efficiently. They will also explain what the customer can do to significantly reduce the risk of the problem recurring. What’s more, a technician will usually have to attend the property at least two or three times to monitor the situation and ensure that the ‘rat problem’ has really gone away. Due to the complexity of the task and the skill levels required it’s a task that should only ever be handled by a professional.”

Foot note

Experts are forecasting that more rats than ever will be forced out of the sewers due to rising rain levels. This combined with the waste that home and business owners are leaving out for longer (due to council waste collection cut backs) will exacerbate the problem and lead to a rise in the rat population.

If you are affected by this please contact us. The primary concern of Dyno-Pest technicians is to ensure the safety of all whilst effectively tackling what can be a complex and challenging problem.