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Pest free in 2015? Let’s make that a New Year resolution

Hitting the headlines in The Star newspaper this month is the sorry story that last year in Sheffield alone 6 restaurants were closed down due to pest infestations. According to The Star cockroaches and mice were the unwelcome takeaways.

“Closing a business because of poor hygiene and pest infestation is the last resort; a decision that’s never taken lightly”, said Ralph Izod, Dyno-Pest Managing Director. “It’s usually at the end of a series of warnings and on site visits. Unfortunately I can say from experience that whilst Sheffield’s poor performing eateries are making the headlines today it’s not the only city to have more than its fair share of eateries that flout food hygiene and safety regulations and that in doing so harbour all manner of pests.

It must not be overlooked that at the end of each one of these businesses is an unsuspecting and trusting customer. So let’s make 2015 the year in which businesses in the hospitality sector go all out to eradicate unwanted pests and not only because their hygiene standards are exemplary but because they also go the extra mile by working in partnership with a  BPCA accredited pest control and pest prevention specialist such as Dyno-Pest.”