One Size Does Not Fit All

Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Pest has been outspoken in recent months on the subject of pest control, busting the myth that with pest control ‘one size fits all’.

Says Ralph, “Each building has its own unique requirements based on for example the occupants and what they are using the building for. It may be multi tenanted with a myriad of different businesses under one roof. It may be located in an area exposed to the continual risk of infestation from rodents because of ongoing road works nearby or in an area renowned for pest birds and therefore on red alert for bird fouling. Before making any recommendations to a client we undertake a near forensic site survey at which we identify the existing pest problems and pest risk hot spots and potential problems. Only then do we recommend a robust, effective pest management programme; one that is presented in a printed and electronic survey; one that is fit for purpose and compliant with all health and safety legislation and most importantly that is completely bespoke.”

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