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Lorry driver was close to death after contracting Weil’s disease

It took a lorry driver 5 years to win a five figure out of court settlement- after he had contracted Weil’s disease from handling packaging soaked in rat urine.

The delivery driver who had worked for a supermarket came close to death after being hospitalised with kidney failure, jaundice and loss of liver function. Five days in to his admission to hospital the test results revealed he had Weil’s disease.

It is believed he “contracted the disease through a minor cut on his eye after handling empty packaging and food waste while carrying out deliveries.” MailOnline.

“Weil’s disease is a severe form of leptospirosis,” said Ralph Izod. “It’s a type of bacterial infection caused by the Leptospira bacteria. A person can contract it if they come into contact with the urine, blood, or tissue of animals or rodents that are infected with the bacteria. In this case, the man handled packaging that was contaminated with rat urine.”

“Employers have a clear duty of care to their employees which in this case was conspicuous by its absence. Within a health and safety policy there must be provision for pest control and it must be clear how the pest prevention and pest control practises of an organisation not only meet the requirements of the law, but act in the best interests of employees, safeguarding them wherever possible.”

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