Local Authorities struggling under increased rodent call outs

Local Authorities Struggling Under Increased Rodent Call Outs from Householders and Businesses

The growing trend for householders to compost vegetables and food ironically combined  with a steady appetite for high fat and high sugar ‘ fast food ‘has led to a rise in the rodent population in the Greater London area.

There are other reasons too. A spokesperson from The National Pest Technician Annual said: “Our 2008-9 survey underlines over-feeding of wild birds, neglect in public sewers, poorly managed domestic waste and poor compost bin security as the main factors responsible for the increasing control challenge seen by the overwhelming majority of pest control professionals over the past 10 years. Three of these factors directly encourage rat and mouse populations by making food readily available.”

According to the 10th annual survey, which received responses from more than three quarters (76%) of the 397 local authorities in the UK, there were around 600,000 council-organised pest treatments in 2009. The National pest technicians Association of which Dyno-Pest is a member,  raised concerns about the withdrawal of free treatments by councils and the surges in mouse and rat infestations in the absence of co-ordinated, regular and repeated treatment combined with a lack of awareness among people about the root cause of the pest problem.

A Defra spokesman said: “As with all types of household waste collection, simple, common-sense measures such as keeping waste tightly wrapped and bin lids closed should help stop any rodent problems.”


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