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It’s on the house….

Why housing associations must have in place robust pest prevention

A Dyno-Pest surveyor recently conducted a survey for a housing association in London. Residents from the flats were reporting mice activity with one resident on the fifth floor reporting ‘mice are running through the flat’.

As part of a root and branch survey our surveyor observed unmanaged undergrowth around the block which was providing excellent harbourage for the breeding rodents and, gnawed plastic air bricks  which were enabling rodents to access the cavity walls and then tenants’ flats on all floors.

“Any large development like this one which has waste bin storage areas close to the building and riser cupboards through the heart of the building and surrounding undergrowth must have in place an Integrated Pest Management Programme,” said Darren Molding, Dyno-Pest. “Otherwise foraging rodents will be able to move freely around the building in search of the readily available food sources.”

“Proofing was also a key issue,” said Darren. “The main front door had gaps underneath enabling mice to access the communal areas. Riser cupboards were poorly sealed and had fresh mouse droppings. There were large gaps and holes around the pipes. Mice were able to travel throughout the building because of these weaknesses.”

Housing Associations have a Duty of Care relating to the welfare of their tenants. Failing to show due diligence in relation to controlling pests could lead to potential contamination and hygiene/health issues not to mention significant breaches of the law.

Please contact Dyno-Pest to arrange a survey of your residential buildings.