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Is your pest control company The One?

2018. The start of a new year. Resolutions aplenty, most already broken (especially if they include diets and the gym)…

At Dyno-Pest we’re confident that ‘I must find a new pest control company’ did not make it on your list.

However, now is the time to put your provider of pest control services under the spot light; not least to ensure you’re getting the very best service  and the most expert and experienced advice.

Here are 4 things to evaluate them.

If you suspect they’re not up to the job please contact us.

  1. How many technician visits are included in your contract?  As a minimum your technician should visit your premises every six weeks undertaking a thorough inspection each time.  However, visits can be scheduled at weekly, fortnightly, three weekly or monthly intervals. For example, an existing infestation may need bringing under control followed by weekly monitoring for several weeks afterwards.  Regular technician visits are vital in monitoring and controlling pest infestations and, identifying the signs of a new infestation in its earliest stages.
  2. What is your technician accomplishing at each visit?  Inspection activity should be thorough with an up to date written audit trail.  For example do they check and replenish each bait box and investigate each treatment area?  Bait that is not replenished at each visit becomes unpalatable to pests; it loses its power.   Empty bait boxes covered in a layer of grime is a sign your technician is not thorough enough. Are you experiencing fleeting technician visits for the purpose of box ticking?
  3. How proactive is your technician? S/he should be advising you on any additional measures that should be taken to prevent or control an infestation. This includes pest -proofing, training for your housekeeping teams and specialist products.
  4. Does your pest control company have professional accreditations?  Any pest control specialist worth their salt should be a member of the British Pest Control Association.  Dyno-Pest is and is also: Safe Contractor Approved, Construction Line approved, a member of the Contractor’s Health and Safety Assessment Scheme as well as having ISO 9001 accreditation.

There’s more to consider of course. Please contact us today.