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Ignore a pest infestation at your peril…

Proof if needed that a big brand can get it soy wrong was evident when a high street giant peddling wares for a pound went from bargain to basement with a massive infestation of mice.

It cost the brand £1.2 million in fines. Significantly more than the cost of an effective pest prevention programme which would have kept them out of the headlines and the law courts.

When health inspectors visited the store they found extensive mice droppings, previously gnawed products taped up and put back on the shelves for sale and an overwhelming stench of mouse urine.

“Sadly I do not think this is a rarity,” says Ralph Izod Managing Director, Dyno-Pest. “Increasingly our technicians are being called out to survey a building due to an out of control infestation. Ironically had the business invested in pest control and effective pest prevention in the first place, any pest related problems would have been identified and dealt with at the earliest stages. Fire fighting an extensive infestation, paying a huge fine and risking the health and safety of your staff and customers is what happens when you decide not to bother with pest prevention or, your choice of pest controller  is based on price alone.”

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