How to spot a rat or mouse… 5 signs all is not well….

Sometimes your decision to call a pest control company will be based on gut feel which can be accurate. But if you’re not sure you have a problem with rats or mice and you prefer instead to bury your head in the sand, check out the following and then contact us for an expert opinion.

  1. Smell – large numbers of rodents, in particular mice have a characteristic musty and unpleasant smell.
  2. Smears -rodents often leave a dark greasy film on surfaces from skirting boards and tabletops to floors, mirrors and cupboards. They use smears to make regular contact. And if the infestation is heavy, the grease from their fur, dirt and urine may even build up into ‘urine pillars’. Because these pillars can stay on surfaces indefinitely they may or may not indicate there is a current infestation.
  3. Shredding – rodents can cause damage to many things including gnawing electrical cables, wood and pipes. Paper, cardboard packaging, food containers and labels are also a hotspot for mice that will shred them for nesting.
  4. Sound – scratching noises, shuffling noises in the cavity walls, behind cupboards and in the loft area indicate the presence of rodents, maybe even squirrels who can be equally as damaging.
  5. Sight– the sight of just one live or dead rodent during the daytime is an indication they are either short of food, there is a heavy infestation or, their harbourage has been disturbed.

If you think your building has unwelcome pests, please contact Dyno-Pest today.