Hotel from Hell has the Patter of Tiny Feet…

When the UK consumer magazine Which describes your hotel as the worst in the UK (November 2016), you’re unlikely to be in for a great guest experience. For a well known hotel in Birmingham city centre (part of a group which owns 50+ hotels across the country) the TripAdvisor reviews add further heft to this damning indictment. A massive 68% of the 2633 reviews posted (October 25, 2017) rate the hotel Terrible (49%) or Poor (19%).

To add further fuel to the fire, a few weeks ago, a student filmed footage of several mice inside the hotel lobby. Speaking to the media he said: “There were a handful of mice, probably four or five running around the lobby in the evening, where there is a bar.” He claimed that when he reported this to staff, they were unsurprised, simply informing him there were no mice in the bedrooms.

“This hotel is an extreme example of what happens when you fail to address even the most basic aspects of hygiene and cleanliness,” said Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Pest. “A recurring theme of the TripAdvisor reviews is that of shocking standards of cleanliness; food debris; sticky carpets; rooms with a stale smell; dirty bathrooms and sloppy workmanship. These elements when combined provide the perfect breeding ground for mice, rats and cockroaches – in all areas of the hotel. The net result is uncontrolled infestations and multiple breaches of health, safety and hygiene legislation. Add to this the incredible negative exposure fuelled by unhappy customers and you have a business heading for closure.”

“No business in the hospitality sector should ignore the need for professionally delivered pest control. It must work hand in hand with meticulous standards of housekeeping and pest awareness training of staff delivered by the appointed pest control expert. When all these facets combine they significantly minimise the risk of a pest infestation occurring. Any potential pest problems are nipped in the bud,” concluded Ralph.

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