High flying bed bugs

Major airline makes headlines with bedbug infestation

Proof if it were needed that bedbugs are hardy pests that can be found in the most unexpected quarters, is recent news they were found on a long haul flight (Vancouver to London).

A mother complained of her child being bitten by the bedbugs but despite this, they had to remain in their seats for several hours by which time the child was severely bitten as the images released on social media (twitter) attest. The mother who also suffered the same plight recognised the bedbugs from her background in the hotel industry.
“Bedbugs will make their way into clothing and hand luggage from their original breeding ground.  With the warm environment of an aeroplane and a seated captive audience, they can feed to their hearts’ content unfortunately,” said Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Pest.

“If you go back a few years, our technicians were only being called out to hotels reporting bedbugs. Today we receive calls from Facilities Managers and Property Managing Agents reporting bedbugs, usually on the back of complaints from tenants and occupiers being bitten by them. My advice is that if you have any concerns about bedbugs contact us without delay. We are experienced and accredited in conducing forensic bedbug investigations, placing bedbug traps to determine the extent of any infestation and the spread and delivering non-chemical  treatments.  Early detection is always the best strategy for any business that wants to protect its brand and the people that come into contact with it.”