Fines rocket for rat infested restaurants

2017 has seen a sharp rise in the number of pubs, restaurants and cafes fined for ‘filth, rats and cockroaches’. Despite steep fines, it is claimed customers are kept in the dark about filth, rats and cockroaches plaguing restaurants and cafes because they don’t have to display hygiene scores. Daily Mail.

“We can certainly corroborate this”, says Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Pest. “Whilst most of our commercial clients have longstanding pest control contracts with us entailing regular technician inspections and treatments, we still get calls from eateries that have had to act, and act fast, because their pest problem has been exposed by customers who in turn have alerted environmental health. Faced with the threat of permanent closure, this forces their hand to do seek professional help for what is often a long standing and insidious infestation.”

 “We support the Local Government Association in demanding that hygiene scores should be displayed,” says Ralph. “Despite environmental health teams scoring eateries from zero to five –  based on factors including the cleanliness of their kitchens, how they manage food and their cooking methods they don’t have to display the scores And so customers are in the dark about pest infestations and the filthy conditions that have given rise to an infestation and consequently a low score. Businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland are required by law to display their rating whereas in England there’s no such requirement.”

“A business scoring a low mark is not going to show this to their customers are they? And customers can be easily duped. An eatery may look impressive aesthetically but its poor hygiene standards behind closed doors can lead to a raft of problems including pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches. Our rallying cry to any business in the food sector is to invest in professionally delivered integrated pest management – on a proactive basis. It will pay for itself many times over.  And of course it is an essential part of their brand reputation and brand management tool kit,” concludes Ralph.


In the news recently: an Essex pub was fined £43,000 when rats were found nesting in its kitchen whilst a pub in west London was fined over £19,000 after rat droppings were discovered.

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