Fined if you feed the birds!

It’s an easy habit to fall into; feeding the birds and not just the little ones that grace your bird table or window box on a morning. Feeding the bigger ones – seagulls and pigeons, with the leftovers of your takeaway or picnic is commonplace, especially at the seaside or in city centres where there’s so much public space to eat al fresco.

If you live in or visit Devon you need to be aware that feeding the seagulls will now land you with an on the spot fine of £80 if you’re spotted. That’s because it is now classed as a criminal offence. East Devon District Council is the first council in the UK to use the anti-social behaviour crime and policing act 2014 against seagulls. As one councillor succinctly put it; “We don’t want visitors to be attacked by seagulls.”

“What has happened in East Devon is bound to have a ripple effect with other councils,” said Ralph Izod, MD Dyno-Pest. “Take London for example. This legislation is well overdue. London has become a magnet for seagulls, attracted by the never ending supply of leftover food discarded by visitors and resident alike. These birds are very aggressive if you try to stop them and the mess they leave behind (guano) is a slipping hazard and a health one too. All species of gull are protected which is why we need a combination of legislation and humane methods of professionally delivered pest bird control to reduce the scale of the problem.”

Please contact Dyno-Pest if your organisation is being affected by seagulls and/or pigeons.