Filthy kitchens of national brand a magnet for rodents…

Chicken has dominated the headlines in recent weeks with one brand having its UK wide distribution of chicken severely compromised; a situation now resolved. However, another brand, a restaurant chain on the high street that specialises in chicken made much more unpalatable news when it was reported that the standards of cleanliness and hygiene in one of its UK restaurants were appalling. Health and safety inspectors not only found the rotting carcass of a dead mouse in the kitchen but also extensive and very visible mice droppings in every nook and cranny of the area.

But what was the most shocking aspect of this discovery by health and safety inspectors?

The premises had been inspected just one hour earlier by the company’s pest controller; a national pest control provider, a recognised brand.

“The inspection was clearly a case of going through the motions,” said Ralph Izod. “No technician regardless of experience and expertise or lack of could fail to notice the rodent droppings on this scale. They were visible to the naked eye everywhere in the kitchen. The area was filthy – a magnet for mice with greasy and dirty surfaces and a build up of food debris all over. And yet this was not picked up on by the technician.”

“It’s crucial that any brand that wants to maintain its good reputation and not fall foul of health and safety regulations ensures their pest contractor is up to the standard required and that kitchen staff understand the importance of maintaining a scrupulously clean area at all times. Reviewing and comparing service providers is recommended especially in cases like this when the technicians are simply stopping by to tick a box.”

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