False and Far from Friendly…


Big ones. Small ones.  Spindly legs. Hairy legs. It’s fair to say that many people are frightened of spiders regardless of what they look like. In most cases of course this fear is an irrational one.

However, for one student, fear did not have a chance to rear its head when he awoke from a deep sleep to find an inflamed black bite on his thigh.

It transpired he had been bitten by the False Widow Spider; holder of the title:   Britain’s most venomous spider. The wound which proved resistant to antibiotics left him with a significant hole in his leg. Surgeons had to perform an emergency operation to remove all traces of the spreading infection. Left untreated his leg would most likely have been amputated.

An inspection by professional pest controllers of the home the student was living in revealed two more of these spiders.

“We are being called out on a regular basis to inspect properties where False Widow Spiders are making their home,” said Ralph Izod Managing Director Dyno-Pest. It has been wrongly reported that these spiders only attack when threatened but, as can be seen in this case, the young man was fast asleep.”

“It takes time and a professional eye to locate where these spiders  are making their home within a property. We have found infestations in hospitals, care homes, schools, homes and businesses. Often they are in the most difficult -to -find deepest and darkest cracks and crevices.”

3 False Widow facts

1) False Widow Spiders have a brown bulbous abdomen with cream coloured markings; often likened to a skull shape.

2) They were first sighted in Britain in the 1870s on what is believed to be a cargo of bananas from their native Canary Islands.

3) They are mostly prevalent in the South East of England.

“If you suspect False Widow Spiders in your environment, please contact us. Whilst most will not cause any harm to humans or pets when they do bite it can cause significant distress and injury. For vulnerable people in care homes and hospitals, this risk has to be taken especially seriously,” concluded Ralph.