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Facilities managers and property managing agents report increased rodent activity

With winter now upon us, pests such as mice and rats are embarking on ‘mini migration programmes’ in a bid to find warm places to nest and breed.

“In the last four weeks we have experienced a spike in calls from Property Managing Agents and Facilities Managers, concerned about increased sightings of rodents, usually on the periphery of a building,” said Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Dyno-Pest.

“This is usually a strong sign that mice or rats are embarking on a ‘stealthy migration’ into a building. Our surveyors have visited several buildings and in most have found evidence of increased or new rodent infestation. Surveys of neighbouring buildings have also revealed signs of rodent activity.”

To arrange a winter detection survey of the building(s) you manage please contact Dyno-Pest.

Dyno-Pest technicians work with many facilities managers and property managing agents in London. As an accredited business we adhere firmly to the principles of integrated pest management (IPM). Please contact us to find out more about IPM and why it is so important.