Dive bombing seagulls stop the local post

The latest story that demonstrates just how dangerous and menacing seagulls are hails from Hereford. Royal Mail has stopped postmen visiting one street in Hereford because the seagulls are flying and swooping low enough to attack people and wrest food from their hands.

Royal Mail have mailed the residents of the street saying that the “Swooping attacks make it difficult for the postmen to carry out their deliveries.” For the time being the delivery of post has been suspended.

Local residents have compared the seagull menace to a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic and terrifying film The Birds. One spoke of their horror at seeing “one seagull grab a pigeon and bash its head against the pavement to kill it before feeding to the chicks.” Another said they had seen a seagull take food from a toddler in a pushchair.

Residents claim that the gulls’ previous habitat – a derelict building had been demolished and that they were protecting their young. This had led to their tyranny on the streets.

“It is important that residents do not take it upon themselves to try and ‘shoo the gulls away’” said Ralph Izod. “This will only make them worse and it can lead to many gulls joining the scene, alerted by the cries the lone seagull is making in response to these attempts to get rid of them.”

With councils being cash strapped and with gulls being a protected species, a professional solution delivered by a responsible and accredited pest control company is the only answer. This usually requires a number of approaches including humane netting, bird spikes, bird gel and electronic noise deterrents.

Please contact Dyno-Pest if you are concerned about seagulls.