Consultancy services ‘ in big demand’ says Dyno-Pest Managing Director

Ralph Izod, Managing Director of Dyno-Pest reports “A sharp rise in the number of construction companies and architects seeking our expertise in pest prevention, pest management and pest consultancy.”

Says Ralph: “When a building is undergoing renovation or structural change our advice is crucial in ensuring that the building is proofed so that pests cannot gain entry from weak points that may not have been addressed in the early stages of the project. We identify and proof the potential entry points for pests, installing when necessary proofing measures that are compatible with the proposed use of the building and its architectural significance.

“We also find that when a building is undergoing a change of use, its new purpose can make it a potential magnet for certain types of pests. Whereas before a robust integrated pest management programme may not have been a priority now it’s vital. An example is that of a unit changing from office use to a restaurant. We work with the project manager advising on the full spectrum of proofing measures needed to effectively proof the building from those pests attracted to foodstuffs. For new property developments we work closely with the construction contractors advising on the proofing measures that will need to be incorporated into the building whilst it is being constructed and what proofing  will be required at handover.”

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