Cardboard, Chairs, Copper* – Coronavirus Settles on any Surface

News that Coronavirus can last a long time – from several hours to several days – on surfaces such as cardboard  and soft furnishings- is unsettling for businesses relying on their in-house cleaning team alone.

No doubt about it, a professional clean using commercial grade disinfectant and bleach should kill the virus on those areas touched by cloths or brushes. But there is only so much that cleaning of this nature can achieve.

It’s unlikely (and not recommended) that cardboard boxes and soft furnishings are cleaned in this way. So they are likely to be spared a clean despite the inevitability that some will harbour the Coronavirus.

What can be done?

You may have seen images on the news of people clad in astronaut style suits with goggles, serious looking masks and hand held machines, looking as though they have walked off the set of Ghost busters…

The machines they are using are ULV fogging machines. They disperse tiny droplets of commercial grade disinfectant that provide a non toxic bonding surface. And if they use the same disinfectant that Dyno-Pest technicians use the Coronavirus is killed in seconds. What is more, the odourless, clear non-sticky protective layer they leave behind provides added protection between cleans.

“We are very busy but… many businesses are still  unaware this service exists whilst other think a deep clean from their in-house cleaning team will tick the box on its own when that’s not necessarily the case,” says Ralph Izod. Dyno-Pest founder.

To find out more about the Dyno-Pest Coronavirus (COVID-19) sanitisation and protection services please contact us.

It kills all strains of Coronavirus including COVID-19

* Researchers found that copper surfaces tended to kill the virus in 4 hours  with the conclusion “There is a potential for this virus to be transmitted via a variety of routes.”