2018. The year to part with pests?

Hardly a month has gone by this year without the tabloids, broadsheets and social media running news on pests infesting businesses – with shops, restaurants and hotels scooping most of the horror headlines.

Some brands have been forced to close whilst health and safety inspectors investigate, publish their findings and levy huge fines with a raft of measures to be implemented.

Hospitality brands from all corners of the UK including London have fallen foul with pest infestations that on closer inspection could have been avoided. “The inescapable fact is that a business in the hospitality sector cannot afford to have a laissez faire attitude when it comes to public health and safety,” said Ralph Izod, Dyno-Pest Managing Director.

“What many of these businesses fail to realise is that pest control and having a robust and effective pest prevention and pest management programme in place falls squarely within the remit of meeting all health and safety legislation. It’s essential, not a grudge purchase to be given to the lowest bidder,” continues Ralph. “It must not be forgotten that at the end of every business with a pest infestation is an unsuspecting and trusting customer. And that customer needs protecting.”

“So let’s make 2018 the year in which businesses in all sectors, the hospitality sector in particular go all out to eradicate unwanted pests; not only because their hygiene standards are exemplary but because they are willing to venture on the road less travelled by choosing a BPCA accredited pest control and pest prevention specialist such as Dyno-Pest.”