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25+ years experience in some of the most recognised and celebrated brands from Government Institutions to tourist and leisure attractions, financial institutions and many more. 

We’re a safe and trusted pair of hands.

Expert technicians use commercial ULV fogging machines which deliver a highly effective, specialist government approved, certified anti-viral disinfectant which kills 99.999% of viruses & bacteria.

90-day life-span, anti-virus surface protection coating. Naked to the invisible eye this shield of protection keeps everyone safe with fully functional 90-day protection on all surfaces instantly killing viruses and bacteria.

Slimline wall units that kill all viruses including COVID-19 and promote good health. They disinfect, deodorize, and purify the air for optimal health

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With Guaranteed Covid-19 Anti-Virus Protection & Prevention Treatments

This is a proven 20 year ongoing tested technology - water based, long-term antimicrobial coating that bonds to the surface and does not evaporate. 

It uses a revolutionary invisible layer of registered non-chemical nanospikes that penetrates the cell membrane of all viruses and destroys them. 

Naked to the invisible eye this protective shield keeps everyone safe with fully functional 90-day protection on all surfaces from all viruses and bacteria including Covid-19 and influenza

Slimline, commercial wall units that kill all viruses and promote good health. 

Used in South Korea and Japan since the first SARS outbreak in 2003 the wall mounted slimline units, fitted by our technicians, were developed by a leading medical solutions provider. 

They kill all viruses including Covid19 and they disinfect, deodorize, and purify the air for optimal health. 

They should not be confused with standard air purification units which have not been designed specifically to kill viruses and bacteria.


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Protecting all Virus Transmission Touch Points

Covid-19 is still very much entrenched in societies around the world, spread by people who may not know they have it.

As lockdown eases, and with scientists predicting a rise in flu cases during the winter, it’s important, more than ever to ensure that businesses and commercial buildings have a strategy focussed on reducing the risk of virus outbreaks. 

And when an outbreak has occurred, you have a strategy for treating it without delay – using scientifically tested products and systems that are the best available in the UK today.

Fast & effective services from a professional company with over 25 years experience!

Dyno-Pest offer a range of disinfection fogging treatments to disinfect and protect your environments.

With fogging and disinfection solutions available for commercial buildings, offices, work places and institutions, we are working to raise standards.

Recognising the need for quick and effective treatments, Dyno-Pest will advise on the right treatment or combination of treatments based on the requirements and challenges presented.

 Sometimes this will require an onsite survey, but increasingly we are meeting with organisations via zoom or teams where we can determine exactly what is required and assess the health implications.

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Key Services and solutions to protect & prevent against the spread of coronavirus

Professional technicians use commercial ULV Fogging Machines to deliver a highly effective, specialist government approved certified anti-viral disinfectant. 

The latest independent test results (November 2020) have shown that the disinfectant we use in our misting service is guaranteed for 14 days. 

It is important to differentiate our unique disinfectant from those that are being advertised by others as “lasting for 30 days”. 

These claims are currently being dealt with by Trading Standards and they risk breaching your Duty of Care obligations. 


Our disinfectant covers all areas killing viruses that are on surfaces and airborne. 

It is food safe and proven to keep homes and businesses protected for 14 days. 

It is recommended for use in schools, care homes, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, train carriages and stations, stadiums, campuses, and more.

When applied by our specialist ULV and spraying equipment it kills 99.999% of harmful pathogens including: COVID-19, Norovirus, Swine Flu, HIV, Hepatitis C, E. coli, Salmonella, Legionella and many more.

The coating is microscopically thin, it dries within minutes. It is colourless, non-toxic and odourless.

IT KILLS 99.999%


Using its unique Reactive Barrier Technology to promote Biosecurity, in a series of independent scientific tests, it killed the re-inoculated pathogens - bacteria, spores and fungi - on every repeat test 72 hours later.

Harmful to pathogens, but when used by professionals it is not harmful to humans.

This treatment is essential for any work place or building with an outbreak of Covid19 where rapid treatment is required to kill the virus in one treatment.

The standard disinfectants used by your cleaning teams and indeed external cleaning companies will not do this.

It applies to almost any surface – lift buttons, card machines, glass/Perspex partitions, seating, tables, desks, light switches, worktops etc - offering a whole new level of protection for businesses, work places and commercial buildings. 

It is ideal for all heavy use areas. 

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Your cleaners can continue cleaning because it will not compromise the nanospike technology. Only abrasion will remove it. 

This coating treatment kills all germs and viruses on treated surfaces for several weeks.  

It will provide long term surface protection without using chemicals which can be harmful to public health and our technicians will also retest in between treatments. 

Having a testing regime is crucial especially where public areas are heavily used.


The ability to have a documented disinfection process with regular reports and even testing at regular intervals between applications is an excellent way of demonstrating a duty of care within the workplace. It can also assist in reaching and in complying with the new BSI Hygenic Premises’ standard.



With the bigger picture now on the growing need for organisations to promote long term good health for their people, they are increasingly being used in the public and commercial sector too. 

This is because they not only kill all viruses, including Covid19, they also purify the air with health promoting ions known as air vitamins.

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Every product we use for anti-virus disinfecting from nonchemical surface protection to disinfectant that is misted using ULV misters has been independently tested and verified in a UK laboratory with the results readily available and the dates of testing noted. 

This means that any guarantee we quote for surface protection or disinfectant misting is a verified guarantee and not a marketing claim. 

Other products that are being marketed with guarantees have not undergone this stringent testing for the UK and so could be misleading clients into thinking their premises are Covid safe when in fact they are not, putting them at risk regarding Duty of Care and litigation.

Dyno-Shield90 uses the only COVID-19 virus protection that has been tested to be 99.999% effective against human Coronavirus by a UK independent laboratory.

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Contact a member of our trusted team today to learn more


Contact a member of our trusted team today to learn more


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