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Smells. Smears. Skins. All in a day’s work for Dyno-Pest technicians

Cockroaches. The mere mention of the word is enough to send a shiver down the spine of most people in the Greater London Area.  Not least the property managing agents and facilities managers responsible for ensuring the pest control in the properties they manage is effective.

Dyno-Pest technicians were recently called to an apartment block in London  with a ‘significant infestation’ of cockroaches which they successfully brought under control within three treatments despite the infestation being left to fester over several weeks; spreading from one apartment to another on all floors.

Over a number of hours, Darren Williams, Dyno-Pest Senior Service Manager and his team were able to locate the infestation areas including all the areas where cockroaches were breeding.

“Our technicians are trained to find cockroaches in a number of ways,” says Darren. “For example cockroaches have an unusual smell; what can only be described as an odour that’s lingering and unpleasant and that transfers to the surrounding area. Cockroach droppings are very noticeable although to the untrained eye they resemble mice droppings. Cockroaches make smear marks where the area has water. These are different from those of a rat and we tend to find them at the junctions of a wall at floor level. Finally we find skins.  A cockroach typically sheds its skin up to 8 times as it matures to adulthood. When our technicians find the skins they know that cockroaches are sheltering close by.”

“Without doubt, once all areas are identified we treat the infestation swiftly over a period of several weeks depending on the extent of the infestation. We have the resources – technicians, expertise and the very latest treatments to do this. We then work with our client to ensure the problem does not recur.”

Please contact Dyno-Pest if you are experiencing cockroaches in your building or in the buildings you manage.