Rapid rise of the super flea – pest controllers braced for ‘massive influx of calls’

Experts are warning that billions of super-fleas are about to invade UK homes and hotels. ‘The recent hot and humid weather, with lots of thunderstorms, has created ideal breeding conditions for the insects. The males, known as ‘super-fleas’, have penises 2.5 times the length of their body. They are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides and are causing havoc for humans, as well as pets.’ Mailonline, June 2018.

“One of the reasons for this rise in numbers is that rising temperatures are providing the perfect breeding ground”, said Ralph Izod Dyno-Pest Managing Director. “Pet owners must be vigilant as their dog or cat is especially susceptible. They can catch the fleas from a rodent or fox so pet owners must check their fur regularly looking for loose black or brown matter; the waste generated by the fleas. Left untreated the problem will spread from the pet to the immediate environment. Fleas live in soft furnishings including bedding so humans can experience painful and itchy bites usually around their ankles. The females can lay up to 50 eggs a day with the eggs taking just two days to hatch.”

“A combination of our milder than usual winters followed by warm and humid summers is providing the perfect breeding ground for these pests; ensuring they not only  survive, they thrive. With the warm weather now upon us and temperatures set to rise over the coming months, the risk of a super flea infestation is very real and bigger than ever.  The modern chemical treatments we use are still highly effective and usually following a detailed technician inspection we will have to treat the entire home, hotel or building because fleas hop easily from one area to another,” said Ralph.

Please contact a member of the Dyno-Pest team if you have any questions about super fleas or are concerned you have an infestation.