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One day I’ll fly away…

It’s that time of year when flying insects whirr into action with a vengeance. Flies, fruit flies, wasps, mosquitoes, beetles, ladybirds, moths and more make their presence well and truly felt. For some businesses, relying on ‘spray and pray and the problem will go away’ or simply ignoring the flying insect problem until it becomes impossible to ignore is, fundamentally flawed, says Ralph Izod, MD Dyno-Pest.

“With bad news, negative reviews, photographs and videos hitting social media channels in real time no business can afford a laissez faire approach to pest control including flying insect control,” says Ralph. “This is added to the health, safety and legislation breaches, loss of income, loss of customers and contaminated goods. A hard won reputation can be reduced to tatters overnight.”

“Like all good pest control companies, we practise an integrated approach. A key element of our approach is to focus on excluding the pest so it can’t gain entry to a building through those easy to access points such as doors.  For example some businesses should have fly screens and strip curtain doors. But they have to be fit for purpose on an ongoing basis. If they are not professionally cleaned they become counterproductive; a classic example being the fly screens in a kitchen which if left unattended will build up with grease and attract flies. Similarly fly screens and strip curtain doors have a shelf life. This is usually based on a number of things including how often people, plant and machinery come into contact with them and their surrounding environment. Nothing lasts forever so a business should have them checked annually to ensure they remain effective.”

If you would like a Dyno-Pest technician to visit your premises to evaluate your pest ‘exclusion’ methods and to report back to you on  how effective each one is please contact us.