London Bed Bug Problem Escalating

London. It’s a breathtaking city with millions of visitors every year savouring its cultural and culinary delights and of course its architecturally magnificent buildings and attractions.

On the flip side bed bugs are making it to the top of the list of unpleasant attractions for many visitors. Not without good reason.

In Europe bed bugs have shown themselves to be hardy and resilient pests with the threat for travellers of an encounter with these blood sucking bugs more likely than ever.
According to the Telegraph “Experts believe a new strain (of bed bug) that can withstand DDT has developed over the last couple of decades and poses a threat to holidaymakers…..In Europe and the UK it has been getting progressively worse.”

Ralph Izod Managing Director of pest prevention specialists Dyno-Pest said: “One in three of every calls we take is from a business or a householder with a bed bug infestation. We offer the full range of bed bug treatments but these pests are becoming incredibly resistant. This is why we place a strong emphasis on the merits of an early bed bug detection regime– especially with commercial clients such as hotels where one infestation can literally lead to every bedroom in the hotel being infested if action is not taken promptly.”

Ralph points to the range of early detection bed bug kits Dyno-Pest technicians deploy. They are monitored on a daily basis by housekeeping staff and activity reported to their Dyno-Pest technician. “If a potential commercial client comes to us because they find themselves in a recurring loop of fighting bed bug outbreaks, they’re unaware of the benefits of early detection. With our early detection programme bed bug outbreaks can be localised and dealt with before a small problem becomes a big headache. And what this means of course is that visitors can enjoy every aspect of their trip to London.”

Please contact Dyno-Pest if you are experiencing problems with bed bugs or you would like more information about our early detection programme.